All Out Brawl in France Between Migrants and Police

Hundreds of enraged migrants caused chaos in Calais, France as they tried to board ferries bound to the UK in a deadly violent rampage. Police had to use tear gas on the 300-strong mob Monday, as they threw stones and attempted to board the ships.

French authorities were forced to seal off the port as police erected barriers to contain the ferocious crowd as they shouted “f*** the UK.” Witnesses said migrants blocked traffic on the way to the port in a desperate attempt to reach Britain, the same country they were condemning in their chants.

People turned to social media to express their shock at the scene unfolding. One England football fan caught up in the disturbance said cars were being “stoned” by migrants as they sat in traffic unable to move, and one twitter user said migrants were “smashing cars up with rocks.” Several police officers were injured in the clashes and two militants from the No Borders anarchist group were reportedly arrested.

Video of the chaos can be viewed below:

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