Allen West: Hillary is Beatable, Thank Goodness FBI Didn’t Recommend Charges

The day after FBI Director James Comey announced that his department would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch announced that the State Department would comply with the recommendation and not indict the former secretary of state.

When news broke that Clinton would escape charges, conservatives around the country attacked the decision, claiming that Clinton had received preferential treatment from her friends at the FBI and State Department.

Now that some time has passed, however, many on the right are coming to the same conclusion. Maybe the refusal to indict Hillary isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it may be a detriment to the entire Democrat party.

The announcement plays into the right’s narrative that government is corrupted by elites who run with authorities that are above the law. It also allows Hillary Clinton to coast through the nomination process with few roadblocks.

Hillary may have won her party’s vote, but she’s far from their best candidate. She emerged with unfavorable ratings higher than any Democrat that’s ever come before her. Even far-left Socialist Bernie Sanders polls better against Donald Trump than Mrs. Clinton.

Even principled conservative Allen B. West seems to agree, Hillary Clinton’s escape might be good for the Republican party.

Democrats got to breathe a sigh of relief this week, as Hillary Clinton has finally, formally escaped charges resulting from her email investigation. Now, some Republicans are doing the same.

“I can’t thank Director Comey enough for coming to this decision,” the retired Lt. Colonel wrote on Tuesday.

“My concern has always been that Barack Obama would release the hounds on Mrs. Clinton and then push for his vice president, Joe Biden, to be the Democrat nominee. And then, to placate the far lefty socialists, who own the Democrat party, Obama would position Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Biden’s VP. That would be a really tough ticket to beat, since Joe Biden’s favorables, regardless of gaffes and such, are extremely high.”

West further argued that though the FBI recommended Clinton not be charged, the bureau’s investigation brought to light serious character flaws in the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton may be leading in the polls now, but this announcement can do nothing but hurt her in the long run. While she’s not being charged, Comey finally put the FBI’s weight behind one of Hillary’s biggest flaws — that she’s a habitual liar.

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