Allen West WENT OFF Immediately After Seeing Orlando: ‘There Should Be Only ONE Response…’

Allen West took President Obama to task for not stating the obvious regarding the Orlando attacks and for failing to do the one thing that must be done to defeat ISIS.

The former Florida congressman wrote down his thoughts immediately after listening to Obama make his remarks on Sunday about the shooting. During the speech, the president did not mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim.” He called the attack “an act of terror and an act of hate,” adding that authorities “reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer.”

Obama continued to hedge on Monday saying, “It does appear that at the last minute, [the killer, Omar Mateen] announced allegiance to ISIL, but … there’s no direct evidence that he was part of a larger plot.”

For West, the motives of the killer could not be clearer.

“We know this was an Islamic terror attack,” he wrote. “We know this is the worst mass shooting of Americans in our history — and the number of 50 dead could rise. We know Omar Mateen shouted out ‘Allahu Ahbar’ and pledged his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

The Iraq War veteran later added, “And why do we hear people struggling with the question of ‘motive?’ Let me clarify something: Why does a 29-year-old Muslim man drive from Port St. Lucie, Florida to Orlando, about 120 miles, with weapons to shoot up a club? It’s obviously not because he’d been refused entry. The motive is clear and the time must come to accept the violence and reality of Islamic jihadism, plain and simple.”

West explained that Ramadan (which this year began June 5 and goes through July 5) is a time of increased Muslim terrorists acts, because, “Any Islamic jihadist who kills infidels and dies doing so during this period is awarded with what is called ‘shaheed.’ It is an elevated status of Islamic jihadism.”

The conservative also conjectured what the left’s response would have been if a Christian had been the perpetrator of the attack on the LGBT nightclub, implying there would be no reticence to identify the person’s faith as the motivation for the attacks.

West said there is only one appropriate response to the Islamic State’s attacks on American soil.

“The skies must be dominated by our aircraft to pummel ISIS,” the retired military officer said. “That’s the only response, not as Obama did with San Bernardino, calling for more gun control.”

“I’m tired of an Islamist-sympathizing president who just cannot bring himself to utter the words or realize the issue,” wrote West. “It doesn’t bother me one bit to be referred to in denigrating and disparaging terms from the leftist ‘coexist’ crowd and their Islamo-fascist comrades.”

“And give me a break about the ‘lone wolf’ crap. It’s time to start hunting wolves!” concluded the former congressman.

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