Amb. John Bolton Has ENOUGH, Reveals Trump Was RIGHT About THIS Nasty Obama Plot

If you thought there would be a “lame duck” time span for President Obama where he would do what every other U.S. president has done—ending his time in office quietly—you better think again. This guy is going out kicking and screaming, charging full-speed ahead to affect as much change as he and his cronies can with 100 days left in office.

Some of the things he is trying to do are incredibly debilitating to our freedoms. According to former UN Ambassador John Bolton, one issue is Obama’s attempt to turn over technical control of the internet to a global consortium, an action Bolton says is “a mistake of such colossal proportions that you would have thought we’d have a huge debate about it in this country,” per

The ceding of internet oversight, which comes to fruition at the end of the month, would put the purity of free speech on the internet in the crosshairs of countries that have already executed internet censorship. If we do cede this oversight, it is a long shot we will ever get it back.

Bolton said the impending transfer of internet domain control from U.S. supervision to an international consortium would mean the end of the internet “as we know it.” He explained that we should be “very concerned” and vocal about our opposition to the move from not only a free speech point of view but from “a national-security perspective.”

Bolton spoke of U.S. internet oversight as one of the few things our government touches that has not been bastardized by regulation. He said the internet works because the U.S. entity that oversees it, a private organization (ICANN) that contracts with the Commerce Department, did so without a great deal of regulatory interference.

“Because it’s entirely a U.S. government proposition with U.S. people involved, the internet has been free and open,” Bolton said. “If, as the Administration wants to do, it’s transferred to an international body, I will predict right here: within ten years, it will come under the control of the United Nations, and the internet as we know it will end because there are governments around the world that are already doing everything they can to prevent a free and open internet in their countries, and it will extend to ours in due course.”

To date, the mainstream media have given short shrift to the issue, refusing to explain exactly what the transfer would entail and what it would mean for freedom of speech on the internet.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been leading a charge against this move in the United States Senate.

In fact, there may be legislation passed – or attached to a temporary spending bill meant to prevent a government shutdown – in the last days of this Congress, but people need to act quickly to have their voices heard.

“People need to wake up to this,” Bolton said. “This is something from Obama I have feared for eight years—his tendencies toward global governance. I’ve been surprised to have to say he hasn’t done more, but in his last days in office, we may see the full flowering of it, and this transfer of control of the internet is perhaps the worst example right at the moment.”

We the People simply have to act. You can access information on how to contact your senators and congressmen here.

Make no mistake—if we allow this event to take place, sites like this will come under the severe pressure of censorship, and and free speech – something we cherish here in the United States – will die on the internet.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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