AMERICA WINS AGAIN! Trump Got The Best Early Christmas Gift Ever

Republicans have come together, rediscovered their roots, and are forming a wall of resistance against Liberal policies which are destroying our economy.

Congress is giving us all a gift this year! Republicans in the House and Senate are ready to use the reconciliation process in order to get Donald Trump’s tax reform plan pushed through before the end of next year. The GOP leaders are also diligently working on a budget which would deft all possible resistance by Democrat politicians.

Both President-Elect Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have offered up their details plans of what they want to achieve for America as quickly as possible. While the two plans are not mirror images of each other, they are similar in many major respects and seek to accomplish the same lofty and necessary goals.

Both Trump and Ryan’s plans will offer extensive tax cuts for both individual Americans and businesses, Business Insider reports. Liberal pundits have already deemed the reconciliation process in the Senate and the House as arcane.

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed GOP plans to utilize the reconciliation expedited budget process to approve a comprehensive tax reform legislation package by the spring. The Congressional Budget Act allows lawmakers to use the reconciliation process for legislation that changes spending, revenues, and the federal debt limit.

In the past, the reconciliation process has been looked upon as primarily a means to passing deficit-reduction bills, but the act is not limited to such actions. Congress has used the process several times to fast-track tax cuts during the administration of President George W. Bush.

“I think using reconciliation for long-term tax cuts violates the spirit of reconciliation, although it does not violate the letter of the law,” William G. Gale, a senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution, said. Liberal fear and loathing of a government which is ready to get to work for the people is already sweeping across Washington, D.C.

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it is devoid of value or does not work. The Constitution is proof of that! Until now, that a President Trump is looming on the horizon, the Republicans have not had the grit to attempt such a bold move.

The reconciliation process will also likely be used to completely dismantle Obamacare as soon as January! Millions of small business owners and middle class Americans could once again be able to use the free market system and actually afford health insurance!

Because Congressional Republicans are willing to take advantage of the special budget rules, they will also be able to pass legislation with a simple majority vote in the Senate instead of the 60-vote super majority threshold.

Doing this will allow our elected representatives in Congress to use a fiscal 2018 budget bill as a vehicle to fast-track the legislation approval process and FINALLY get something done!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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