American Hostage Freed From Iran Just Dropped A Bombshell About Obama That Can’t Be Ignored

One of the four American hostages released by Iran after $400 million in cash was delivered to the regime offered testimony Thursday that strongly suggests the two events were linked.

Pastor Saeed Abedini told Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan, “I just remember the night that we’d been in an airport, just take hours and hours there. And I asked one of the…police that was with us, that, why are you not letting us to go to the…plane? And he told me we are waiting for another plane.”

The Iranians made it clear, “if that that plane doesn’t come, we never going to let you go.”

“They told us ‘you’re going to be there for 20 minutes, but it took like hours and hours,’” Abedini added. “We slept at the airport.”

Regan asked Abedini if he believed it was the $400 million the Iranians were waiting for. “They didn’t talk about money, they just told me about the plane,” he replied.

Abedini explained the Iranians were not waiting for the plane that was going to take the hostages out of the country because that aircraft and its crew had already arrived.

Regan asked Abedini if he thought the U.S. paid a ransom for his release along with the other three prisoners. The pastor replied that he would leave that up to the “politicians” to answer.

“I’m very grateful about my release and freedom, but there are some people still left behind and Christians who are still in prison,” he said. “Two days ago some of my friends… have been executed because of their faith … Every Wednesday they execute 100 people.”

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said Thursday on The Kelly File that the money was clearly “cash for hostages.”

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