America’s 26th President Sums Up Why Obama is DEAD WRONG On Trump’s Muslim Ban

We need to “keep out all immigrants who will not make good American citizens.” Is this a Trump quote? Might sound like it, but it’s not. This straight talk came from the mouth of one of America’s most beloved and hailed presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. Muslims, Roosevelt argued, were at the top of said list: Keep. Them. Out.

As Frontpage Mag reports:

President Theodore Roosevelt had declared in his State of the Union address back in 1906 that Congress needed to have the power to “deal radically and efficiently with polygamy.” The Immigration Act of 1907, signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt, had banned “polygamists, or persons who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.”

It was the last part that was most significant because it made clear what had only been implied.

The Immigration Act of 1891 had merely banned polygamists. The newest law banned anyone who believed in the practice of polygamy. That group included every faithful believing Muslim…

The Immigration Act of 1907 had been meant to select only those immigrants who would make good Americans.

And Muslims would not.

Here’s the thing. Many today want to criticize legislation that limits immigration as racist, backwards, or even un-American. However, it is none of those things.

Soaking up this history lesson on Roosevelt, we see our country today is lacking in leadership.

We need a leader who will protect the United States and our American civilization. No legislation that stems from that initial premise is racist, backwards, or un-American. It simply places priority on the safety and morality of this country and its citizens. That is and should be a timeless characteristic of our President–protecting American citizens, not kowtowing to non-citizens.

We need a leader who is willing to make unpopular statements for the sake of this country; not to be concerned with popularity, like an insecure high school girl running for student council.

Roosevelt condemned “the murderous outbreak of Moslem brutality”, highlighting the “plundering and slaying” of Christians in Egypt. Whether Muslim brutality or polygamy, Roosevelt believed this group would corrupt the moral code of America and threaten the lives of American citizens.

Roosevelt and leaders of that time saw “civilization as fragile and vulnerable” and could not “reconcile themselves to Islamic polygamy. Yet our modern leaders have reconciled themselves to the Islamic mass murder of Americans.”

Instead of wasting time critiquing legislation that on its face may appear as racist or bigoted, maybe we should direct our criticism to leaders who have lost their zeal to protect this country and its citizens.

H/T: The Federalist Papers

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