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What to expect from Hillary’s Union Pals

unnamedDespite myriad reasons for the American public to not trust Hillary Clinton, there is still a reasonable chance that we will be faced with another four years of failed Obama policies. What makes the prospects of that even scarier, is understanding the type of people that will flock to Washington, brought on by the Clinton’s crony socialism. People that have made a career vilifying business, veterans of culture wars, and all other sorts of community organizers will be crawling from under the rocks to get their share of the Clinton payola.

Ann Twomey, president and a founder of Health Professionals and Allied Employees, New Jersey’s largest health care union, is a great example of the types of people we are bound to see steering our failing ship onto an iceberg.

Listed at one of the 30 Most Influential Women in New Jersey Politics, Twomey’s national ambitions are absolutely transparent. Already a Vice President of AFT, she casts her web far and wide, using her union bullying tactics across an important state. She serves as vice chair of the AFT Nurses and Health Professionals program and policy council, a member of the AFT human rights and community relations committee, vice president of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, co-chair of Patients First Coalition in New Jersey, a board member of New Jersey Citizen Action, Board Trustee, American Labor Museum, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Felician College Nursing Program.

Over 30 years of running the union gave her access and power penetrating the New Jersey legislature, media, not-for-profits, and even the fire department, which she wields with an iron first. Her main targets are New Jersey hospitals, where Twomey uses her 12,000-member union as a racket force against the owners – hard-working small business owners, struggling to create jobs and provide vital services to local communities while dealing with the nightmare created by Obamacare.

unnamedBut Twomey doesn’t stop there. Feeding on her national ambitions, the union is actively involved in supporting and promoting the socialist agenda of the radical left, and works hard to destabilize other businesses. The union regularly pushes to abolish the Second Amendment and extends support to politicians pushing for “gun control.” They played a vital role in forcing the NJ legislature to advance the $15/hour job-killing minimum wage. And just in these past months HPAE has been involved in the Verizon worker’s strike as well as the union move to bring down Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort (visited by Hillary to show her solidarity and to remind the unions who will be feeding them come November).

And while Twomey has made a career of accusing hospital owners of “lack of financial transparency [and] insider-dealing,” a recent lawsuit brought on by former union members alleges that Twomey’s HPAE is a case study in hypocrisy and cynical abuse of power. The lawsuit, originally filed because HPAE’s backroom dealings financially hurt the rank-and-file members, was later amended when new facts became known to shocked and defrauded union members.

The new charges allege that Twomey steered $1.4 million in legal fees to her boyfriend, New Jersey attorney Richard Loccke, without properly disclosing the relationship. According to the New York Post, the filing reveals that since 2006, Twomey has “awarded virtually all of the union’s legal work to her live-in boyfriend. The no-bid contracts directly benefit Twomey, who has been dating Loccke for 30 years and resides in his spacious Rutherford, NJ, home, the suit says.”

Most would agree that this is illegal under federal law, and that the Department of Labor rules would require Twomey to disclose this conflict of interest. All of this was done while HPAE already pays for an in-house council.

Court documents also show that HPAE is a defendant in the case, which means that union dollars will be used to defend Twomey’s alleged graft. So much for oversight, transparency, and fiduciary duties to the members. Sounds like Twomey has spent the past 30 years brining the worst corruption practices from the Soviet Union and let them blossom in New Jersey. By now it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the person that helped draft the rules and policies for Twomey’s HPAE was none other than Richard Loccke, married to someone else at the time.

Dear America. Please meet the people that will be swarming your Federal Government if Hillary Clinton gets to move back in, this time as a Chief Executive. The worst of corrupt leftist elements from all over the country, and let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that Ann Twomey is an exception to the rule or a uniquely East Coast phenomenon, will be there to server their queen bee. To push the radical leftist agenda, making mockery of the constitution, all while enriching themselves and their cronies. It’s coming.

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