An Open Letter To The Liberal Idiots Running The Media

Dear media leaders, moguls, and string-pullers,

Over the last year, I’ve been an astute observer and commenter on your various antics and biases. While I didn’t agree with your tactics, for the most part you were a benign player in the game we call American politics. Yes, you got to pick the winners and losers, but there was at least some semblance of public participation in the process. It was, in some respect, possible for people to watch CNN or MSNBC and come off with an opinion that differed from the reporter’s.

However, through this last round of scandals, it’s clear that you have lost both your collective minds, and whatever journalistic integrity you ever had. If you’re a little fuzzy on the details, I’ll get you up to speed.

Donald Trump, in a rally speech, insinuated that supporters of the Second Amendment could stop Hillary from electing Supreme Court justices that would take that right away from them. Here is the clip.

Within the context of any person with a functioning brain, this process would be done through voting, which is the non-violent method of enacting change in government and society. Now, what you, the liberal media, heard is “DONALD TRUMP WANTS TO ASSASSINATE HILLARY CLINTON!

What happened next was that countless news sources, who pride themselves on journalistic integrity, were bending over backwards to out Trump as some kind of dictatorial serial killer over a comment that was as innocuous and clear as a “How ya doing” to a stranger at a gas station.

No, you idiots, it was not a call to arms. It was not a call to kill Hillary Clinton.

But that didn’t stop you from going on rants that mirrored Hillary Clinton’s tired talking points. Here’s Dan Rather, expressing his sheer disgust at this non-issue:

He goes on some long-winded tirade about how Donald Trump has reached “a new low” and something about civility and being Presidential. Yet here we have Elizabeth Warren calling him a coward and playing the woman card, for some reason:

This is the behavior of an annoyed infant – not adults that want to aspire to lead the country, much less in the right direction. The journalists in the world have a duty to cover these things in a non-partisan way, not to make sure that one candidate wins by any means necessary. It’s clear that you have an anti-Trump bias, as evidenced by the NY Times coming pout and saying that they want Trump gone:

However, it’s extremely telling that on the same day you run ten thousand stories talking about how evil Donald Trump is for saying gun owners should vote Hillary out, a story makes its rounds on conservative media uncovering Seddique Mateen, the father of Omar Mateen, the radical Islamist that shot 49 people in an Orlando night club in the name of Allah. Seddique Mateen is a Hillary supporter and attended her Kissimmee rally to say that Hillary is right on gun control.

I’ll repeat that – the father of the deadliest mass murderer in our generation went to a Hillary rally and said that she had the right ideas about gun control. Those very same ideas kept people disarmed and scared in the club while his monster of an Islamist son picked them off at his leisure for the radical ideology his father taught him as a child.

And the media, good lemmings that they were, just buried this story because hot damn, it sounded like Trump said something mean, better jump all over it!

You’re advocating for the ideology of actual killers over those you simply disagree with, and not only is that dangerous, it flies in the face of anything our ancestors fought and died for.

You aren’t journalists. You don’t care about free speech. You don’t care about civil rights, property rights, the right to self preservation, or any semblance of fairness. What you are is a collective of untalented hacks that have no dignity and no problems with selling your souls to a crook who doesn’t give two hot craps about the people of this country. You are what is wrong with America, and I can’t wait until the country wakes up and rids itself of your annoying presence.

And just in case you’re wondering, that was not a death threat. Idiots.


Elvin Bartley

Editor-in-Chief, Yes I’m Right


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