Analysts: Protests Are Backfiring, Driving Undecided Voters To Trump

The violent protests outside Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, including anti-American images, anti-American behavior and Mexican flags, are hurting the protesters more than they are hurting Donald Trump, analysts say.  Their anti-American behavior is backfiring, and driving more undecided voters to vote for Trump.

Protesters in Albuquerque, New Mexico recently started fires, destroyed property, including damage to the arena and damage to police vehicles, clashing with police and caused at least $50,000 in damages.

“When people show up throwing bottles and waving the Mexican flag, you have had a lot of people who may have not been willing to support Trump who see this and say the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” said former Rep. Tom Davis, who ran House Republicans’ campaign committee for two cycles a decade ago. “There is no question these are helping Trump, and Democrats know that.”

One man who attended Trump’s rally in Fresno, California confirmed this.  James Rummell was trying to walk from the rally to his car when he was surrounded by some of the protesters, who threw trash and took his hat.  “They kicked me, they hit me,” Rummell says, “These are the kind of people…I’m not a Donald Trump really-super-supporter, but this is why I’m going to vote for Donald Trump, because of these idiots.”

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