Andrea Tantaros Makes Shocking Announcement After Fox News Suspension

Andrea-1It is still unclear exactly why Andrea Tantaros was let go from Fox News. Some speculate it was because of her outspoken Pro-Trump stance. But despite the reasons she was let go, if enough people demand that they want her back, Fox will bring her back.

According to reports, an online petition was formed to bring Andrea Tantaros back to Fox News. It started May 8th with an original goal of 1,000 signatures and received over 9,300 signatures. However, yesterday, after sharing the petition with the Conservative101 community, something amazing happened.

In less than 24 hours since Conservative 101 shared the link, over 1,300 more people signed the petition. Thanks to you guys the petition went over the 13,000 signature milestone for a total of 10,629 signatures and rising. How much higher can we get this petition, and how much longer until Fox News takes notice?

Here is the petition.

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