Angry Atheists Disrupt “Jesus Lunches” At School… Then The Moms Show Up

A group of Christian students showed a handful of atheists the best way to handle their protests, and you can bet it left them stinging.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation protesters were speaking out against an optional “Jesus Lunch,” where moms provide lunches and a few words from the Bible to students at Fireman’s Park near Middleton High School in Wisconsin. The moms have been providing lunches for students every Tuesday since 2014, but only recently has the group come under fire.

Three weeks ago, protesters and those attending the lunch became involved in a screaming match that garnered much national attention.

The moms in charge of the lunch meetings decided that yelling contests served no one and decided the best way to handle protesters was to simply ignore them.

When the protesters arrived the next week, that’s precisely what happened.

Melissa Helbach, one of the mothers who serves the lunches, said that while the moms were sharing a Christian message, protesters were chanting “Keep Jesus in the church.”

“The kids didn’t retaliate. Then some of the protesters walked through with signs, heckling the kids, but they didn’t respond — they just kept eating,” she told EAGNews.

She added that she was impressed to see the kids acting in such a mature way.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation claimed that the moms have been luring students with food with to promote their religious beliefs.

Helbach said the moms in charge of the lunches don’t resent them.

“We’ve gone ahead with our mission, to take a home-cooked meal to the kids every week and share a Biblical truth. We haven’t been impacted by them.”

It’s good to see these moms and students continue to enjoy their lunches and time together despite what the protesters try to do to spoil it.

Watch coverage of the incident below:

Atheists and protesters will always try to remove Jesus, God and the Bible from wherever they are, but these moms demonstrated that sometimes the best way to handle their godless agenda is by turning the other cheek.

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