“Anti-Gay Marriage” US Presidential Runner is Married to Own Cousin

Republican presidential runner Ted Cruz has stemmed controversy within Gay rights groups after a statement this week on a radio show that he is “against gay marriage” but “is married to his own cousin”.

The rumors spread after a phone interview with local Cincinnati radio station WMKZ 89.5 FM where the former Texas senator was asked about gay rights and marriage.

The favorite runner up for the Republican nomination responded that “it is up to the states, and not the Federal Government, to decide of laws concerning marriage. Under Federal law, I would never have been allowed to marry my own wife, who is in fact, my cousin” he told Radio host Jack Fisherman.


The Republican presidential runner admitted his use of words was “improper” and “lead to faulty conclusions”.

“I just want to be clear on one thing: my wife is not my first cousin, she is my third cousin by alliance, which is completely different and legal in most states” he told reporters, visibly flustered by the latest accusations.

“I used those specific words as an example that gay marriage is a state decision, not a Federal one” he admitted.


“This guy is against gay marriage but says it’s ok to marry your cousin? And he wants to become president?” she told reporters.

“I just don’t get Republicans, it’s like they live in the middle ages” she responded, visibly angered by the statements.

Ted Cruz’s latest statements should not have a profound impact on his presidential campaign run, believe most experts.

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