Anti-Trump Group Spending $1.5 MIL On Indiana Ads

Donald Trump wants to make America great again. “Club For Growth” just wants to stop Trump.

Former Indiana Congressman David McIntosh is President of Club for Growth Action – a conservative group supporting Ted Cruz. The group has purchased $1.5 million in advertising for the upcoming Indiana primary. Breitbart reports that the ad specifically urges voters to support Ted Cruz as a means of blocking Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

Indiana is emerging as one of the most important states remaining on the primary calendar, says Breitbart.

It is a winner-take-all state with 57 delegates, and it’s a critical state for Trump to win in order to collect the 1,237 required delegates to secure the nomination. It’s also a critical state for Trump-haters to target in an effort to stop him.

“Indiana is facing a unique moment in history: the opportunity to stop Donald Trump,” David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth Action, said. “After success with our ads in Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Utah, CFG Action is about to blanket the Hoosier State with a simple message: To stop Trump, vote Cruz. There is now no state more important than Indiana for electing Cruz and keeping Trump from reaching 1,237.”

Most recent polls show an almost tie between Trump and Cruz in Indiana, with John Kasich in third place at 22 percent support.

A loss in Indiana would make it harder for Trump to secure the needed 1,237 delegates and could lead to a contested convention in Cleveland.

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