Anti-Trump Protester Punches Elderly Trump Supporter in the Face

Hundreds of pro-Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters amassed in front of a Holiday Inn complex in Janesville, Wisconsin on Tuesday where Donald Trump was set to host a town hall event.

Footage of the event surfaced that shows one protester belligerently yelling at an elderly Trump supporter and then punching him in the face.

What happens next is priceless.

WARNING: Explicit Language

Thank you Wisconsin for adequately arming yourselves.

The perp had glasses on, but I’m sure she is still feelin’ the bern.

Even if you are not a fan of Trump you have to admit this liberal fascist had it coming. You don’t take a swing at a person unless you are looking for a fight.

Why did she think punching or swinging at a stranger would not result in that person trying to protect and defend themselves? The Left thinks they are above reprisal.

Holding my breath until CNN airs this footage…

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