Arkansas’s Attorney General Drops A BOMBSHELL… Hillary Clinton is…

Arkansas’s Legal Officer, Leslie Rutledge, just wrote an article in which she explains why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be POTUS. Let’s just say, she couldn’t be more right!

VIA Conservative Tribune

In a piece for the Independent Journal Thursday, Rutledge said that the careers of both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been “riddled with deception, dishonesty and scandals at every turn,” adding that she was confident that if Clinton won the White House in November, the corruption and dishonesty would be no different.

The Attorney General of Arkansas pointed out that while Clinton has made millions of dollars since leaving the White House she was “still poor in all the ways that really count: poor judgment, poor policies and poor decisions.”

It’s hard to argue with that. All one has to do is check the news occasionally to see which impropriety will be attached to the Clinton name that day. From email servers to health issues to lies about everything under the sun, there never seems to be a shortage of Clinton scandals.

Rutledge also admitted that Clinton scared her, adding that the former secretary of state’s “decades of deceit have taken her down the wrong path and we cannot let her take America down with her.”

She was right about this. Clinton has shown the American people what kind of president she would be, and it’s fairly easy to assume that Clinton would bring the same level of corruption to the White House that she has dragged behind her for the past three decades.

Clinton has already hurt this country in so many ways — allowing her back into Washington to do even more damage would be foolhardy and dangerous.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Leslie Rutledge and her opinion about Hillary Clinton?

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