As Venezuela Collapses it Deploys Military, Tells Citizens US Might Invade

Socialism always starts as a “people’s movement,” with mindless and ignorant people being directed by elitist con men in the background, telling the foolish that by bringing down the “rich,” everyone will share in the abundance that socialism will bring. It is always a lie, and invariably almost all the people end up in poverty, with the exception of the top socialist leaders who live like kings. Fidel Castro is certainly one who has lived that life, and his protege, Hugo Chavez destroyed the Venezuelan economy pursuing the same socialist policies.

When the economy comes crashing down, it is necessary for the leadership to blame an outside source, and when Chavez was alive, he continually named the United States for all of the woes the country was suffering from. In fact, the oil rich country provides 9 percent of the U.S. gross oil imports, which must be a considerable sum of export income to the nation of 30 million people. As such, the U.S. provided a huge portion of the countries income, but Chavez resented that as well.

Venezuela has expropriated foreign and domestic businesses, which means that the people have little invested in the country and are becoming very unhappy with the leadership as it nosedives to complete economic ruin.

As is the case with almost every socialist government, force becomes the only way to maintain control when the economy finally fails. Maduro and his regime are blaming the protests and the economic problems on the United States. It is absurd, but simply an attempt to force the focus outside of the country.

The embattled socialist government of Venezuela has sent out troops to fight anti-government protesters and justified it by claiming the U.S. could invade the country soon.

Venezuela has been dealing with widespread protests since Wednesday, a response to Socialist President Nicolas Maduro’s rejection of 1.85 million signatures submitted by the conservative opposition to start the recall referendum process. Venezuelan security forces have used tear gas on crowds, and riot police have frequently engaged in violent clashes with protesters.

The Defense Minister of Venezuela claims that the widespread presence of security forces is because, “Venezuela is threatened. This is the first time we are carrying out an exercise of this nature in the country. In terms of national reach, it’s going to be in every strategic region.”

Venezuela has been in total turmoil since December 2015 elections which were won by the conservative opposition which subsequently took control of the National Assembly, the equivalent of Congress. This major election win marked the first time in its 17 years in power that the socialist government had to share power with the opposition.

Nicolas Maduros days may be numbered as a leader, and perhaps as a human being since his type of politician often encounters another ambitious pol in the wings, perhaps one with the military supporting them. But the idea of socialism continues, alive and well in spite of the fact that no one seems to be able to point to its successful practice anywhere in the world or any time in history.

It would be helpful for Bernie Sanders, the thousands of socialist professors in U.S. universities, and people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Elizabeth Warren to pay attention to the inevitable result when socialism is put into effect in a nation. They will never do that, because they know that the false message of socialism attracts a certain sort of citizen who is looking for the government to do for them what they will not do. And because these types of politicians anticipate the wealth and power that accrue to the elites and lead the pheasants to the slaughter when socialism is practiced, they will continue their siren song, knowing that the young and the stupid will follow their lead.

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