Attorney General Under George W. Bush Just Responded To FBI’s Statement, It Instantly Goes Viral

This week, FBI Director James Comey announced that he would not recommend that the Department of Justice pursue charging Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.

During his statement, Comey specifically said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would suggest charges against Mrs. Clinton.

Independent Journal Review decided to talk to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who served in the George W. Bush administration, about that comment.

Here’s what he said:

“I haven’t seen the evidence. Based on his own judgement, he made the decision that he would recommend no prosecution. I was surprised by his comment.

The job of the Bureau is to investigate and present evidence. While Jim used to be a prosecutor, it really locks in the Attorney General when he makes that statement. Because what it does, it make you seem unreasonable if you disagree with him. I thought his comment was inappropriate.”

Gonzales explained how Comey, as FBI director, put on his prosecutor hat:

“A prosecutor has a great deal of discretion in weighing the fact[s]. I might even come out the same way given the opportunity to talk to witnesses and seeing all the evidence. Jim put on his prosecution hat in making the statement that no prosecutor would suggest charges.”

Then, he revealed how he gets why some Americans would be upset by the decision:

“What’s been reported publicly is Comey’s statement…it’s easier to understand why some Americans feel disgusted or frustrated and why charges were not brought here.

I think it’s dangerous when the impartiality of the Justice Department is questioned. Perhaps after today’s hearing, people might have a better understanding of the decisions that were made.”

Gonzales concluded by saying, “Sometimes investigators or prosecutors disagree. That’s just how things are. But we need to wait and see what comes from the hearings today and the ones next week.”

Headline: Western Journalism

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