Author Reveals “Best Trump Story Ever”… and Why Trump Had It Struck From Book

While delivering a lecture at the Library of Congress 11 years ago, biographer Robert Slater revealed a fascinating story about current presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and the way he announced his intention to divorce his former wife, Marla Maples.

“He put the newspaper down in front of her door that said, ‘Donald is Divorcing Marla,’” Slater said during the lecture, according to BuzzFeed, which recently uncovered a video of his speech. “That’s how she learned about the divorce.”

Slater revealed this anecdote while explaining the difficulties he endured while trying to pen a biography for Trump. He added that when Trump learned that he had included the bit about the divorce in his book, the billionaire businessman demanded that it be removed immediately.

“Why?” the biographer asked. “It’s the greatest anecdote’s anybody ever told me.”

“Because I still have good relations with her,” Trump replied. “You know, we had a daughter together. Please take it out of the book.”

By then, whatever beef Trump had with Maples had long-ago evaporated, and the last thing he wanted to do was stress her out by bringing past events back up.

All of us, including The Donald, make mistakes in life. Speaking of which, Slater continued his lecture by talking about the biggest mistake he had ever made in his career — which was when he accidentally used a cover photo that made Trump look fat.

“Now, all of you who know Donald Trump know that the last thing you want to do is to make him look fat,” Slater quipped.


And so even though the book was about to be printed, Slater’s publisher went ahead and spent the money necessary to completely redo the cover.

Now that’s funny, as well as a fundamental lesson for the media: Never dare post a photo of Trump that makes him look fat.

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