Barack Obama: “It Hurts” to See Whites not Support Black Lives Matter

Barack Obama was supposed to be the first president in a post-racial America. We were supposed to vote for Barack Obama the candidate, not Barack Obama the African-American. His leadership was poised to put our nation’s checkered past with race behind us.

Then, he started to fail as a president — badly.

Soon, the left was pulling out the race card at every opportunity. If you voted Republican, you did so because you were racist. If you opposed Obamacare, you were a racist. If you questioned Barack Obama at any point, you did so because you were a racist.

These pathetic attacks have, until now, not originated from the president himself. Instead, he let the name calling be done by his comrades in congress.

Now, it looks as if he’s changing his tune.

There are many reasons to oppose the Black Lives Matter movement. The most obvious, of course, is the fact that the movement has already caused the death of many innocent Americans. Still, Barack Obama is refusing to acknowledge these facts. Instead, he’s claiming that many don’t like the movement because it is politically correct.

Tuesday at the memorial service for the five slain Dallas police officers, President Barack Obama said that “it hurts” when peaceful protestors who are attempting to forward their grievances with the police treatment of African-Americans are “dismissed perhaps even by your white friends and co-worker and fellow church members again and again and again.”

Obama said, “When study after study shows that whites and people of color experience the criminal justice system differently — so that if you are black you are more likely to be pulled over, searched or arrested, more likely to get longer sentences, more likely to get the death penalty for the same crime. When mothers and fathers raise their kids right, and have the talk about how to respond if stopped by a police officer, ‘Yes, sir, no, sir,’ but still fear something terrible may happen when their child walks out the door, still fear that kids being stupid and not quite doing things right, might end in tragedy.”

“When all of this takes place, more than 50 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest as troublemakers or paranoid,” he added. “We can’t dismiss as a symptom of political correctness or reverse racism. To have your experience denied like that, dismissed by those in authority, dismissed perhaps even by your white friends and co-worker and fellow church members again and again and again, it hurts. Surely we can see that, all of us.”

What hurts the most, no doubt, is seeing police officers die because of the movement he supports. Still, he blames “white friends and co-workers” for the movement’s bad reputation. To Obama, racism is a cardinal sin — unless it’s against whites. In that case, even he joins in on the action.

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