Barack Obama REMOVES White House’s American Flag! (SHOCK)

By now, we should know that President Barack Obama has never really loved his country.

Our commander-in-chief has done everything to deprive the U.S. of its traditions and real values, and now, he has directed his hatred toward the U.S. flags that stand behind the presidents at press conferences.

VIA The Political Insider

Inside the Oval Office, instead of the usual red, white, and blue color scheme… the drapes, wallpaper, and furniture are Middle Eastern!

It’s now very noticeable that when Obama walks down the hallway to speak with the press or is filmed speaking to them, there is NO flag. Instead, there is a bright yellow drape (above). Obama does everything possible to separate himself from the American identity.

These moves are intentional and pathetic. Every American should be alarmed.

It is high time we had a true leader governing our country, to correct the damage that Obama and his administration have done. Be sure to let us know what you think of the changes Obama has done to the White House. Write your comments in the section below.

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