BBC Asks: Should We Remove Words “Islamist” or “terrorist” From Our Newspapers?

The BBC is so loath to discuss Islam or even terrorism that it is seriously considering barring usage of either in its publications.

As part of it’s efforts to distract citizens from the very real threat posed by Islamic jihadists, leftists on both sides of the Atlantic have insisted that the issue of terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, even when terrorists explicitly give religious justifications for their crimes. In the US, no one more exemplifies this reluctance to name the problem more than President Obama, who has made it a point to refuse to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism.”

In the UK, however, it is the BBC that is leading the charge against calling a spade a spade. Posting on it’s Radio Scotland Twitter account, the British media outlet asked users whether it should remove the phrases “Islamist” and “terrorist” from it’s publications or if they accurately describe the acts in question.

Only liberals could delude themselves into believing that not talking about something will make it go away. Considering how far to the left the BBC has become in recent years, however, it should be no surprise that it is seriously pondering such a move.

But people who responded to the post were not so taken with idea, and made their opinions known:

“’Paging Mr Orwell, the BBC needs you to slap some sense into them,’ responded popular YouTuber Sargon of Akkad.

‘No that would be absolutely stupid. Get a grip,’ remarked another Twitter user.

‘If you don’t name them, they’ll cease to exist, right?’ added another.

It’s no surprise that this comes from the BBC, an organization that is so politically correct it actively discourages white people from applying for jobs in order to make itself more ‘ethnically diverse’.”

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