Ben Carson Explains Progressives’ Manipulation Of The Uninformed

Former Republican candidate Ben Carson had some tough words in response to Barack Obama’s recent commencement address at the Air Force Academy, putting the president’s remarks into perspective during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

The soft-spoken, retired pediatric neurosurgeon — who has been a strong promoter of Donald Trump’s candidacy since shortly after Carson himself left the GOP race — pointedly stated that progressives can often sell their snake oil because they “take advantage of an uninformed populace.”

The remarks came in the wake of Obama’s thinly veiled jab at presumptive Republican nominee as the president defended his foreign policy legacy. He warned graduating Air Force cadets that the United States cannot afford to be isolationist and let other nations “fend for themselves,” reports ABC News.

“America cannot shirk the mantle of leadership,” Obama said. “We can’t be isolationists. It’s not possible in this globalized interconnected world.”

The president also ridiculed conservative media for their narrative maintaining that “middle-class families have been victimized by a big, bloated federal government run by a bunch of left wing elitists.”

“The government’s taking your hard earned tax dollars and it’s giving them to free-loaders, welfare cheats, and we’re strangling business with endless regulations, and this federal government is letting foreigners and immigrants steal whatever jobs Obamacare hasn’t killed yet,” he stated.

When host Sean Hannity began listing the dire economic indicators facing working-class Americans — including lowered annual incomes, higher poverty rates, lower home ownership rates, the loss of manufacturing jobs, and the enormous national debt left by the Obama administration — Carson responded by saying that liberals “like to redefine everything and take the people who don’t have a good understanding of things and manipulate them.” He explained that the founding fathers greatly feared the consequences of an uninformed populace.

“I think the progressives understand that and they’ve taken tremendous advantage of that. They also speak poorly of people, but when Trump does the same thing, they say he’s being ‘unpresidential.’ Barack Obama does the same thing, but he does it in a more gentlemanly way. It’s basically the same thing,” the retired neurosurgeon added.

Hannity and Carson then discussed whether middle-class Americans hit hard in the pocketbook by liberal policies might actually start paying close attention to politics. The former Republican candidate predicted that many of them may stay home on election day or perhaps even switch sides and vote for the Republican presidential candidate.

You can watch Carson’s interview with Hannity by clicking on the video below.

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