Ben Carson Gives Obama a Dose Of His Own Race Card Medicine… Liberals Are Howling

On the day of the South Carolina primary election, retired neurosurgeon and presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Glenn Thrush of Politico.

Of the many topics that were discussed, race was the preeminent issue, most notably his own and that of President Barack Obama.

Carson noted that he shared the same pride as most Americans when Obama broke the color barrier in the White House in 2008, “but I also recognize that his experience and my experience are night-and-day different. He didn’t grow up like I grew up by any stretch of the imagination.”

“He was, you know, raised white,” Carson continued. “Many of his formative years were spent in Indonesia. So, for him to, you know, claim that, you know, he identifies with the experience of black Americans, I think, is a bit of a stretch.”

Carson also noted that he hasn’t spoken with Obama since his appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast years ago that propelled him onto the national stage and set in motion his jump into politics.

Staying on the topic of race, Carson took on the liberal policies that he felt have hurt black families over the years: “You know, a lot of the policies that have been pushed for the last several decades are not policies that lead to prosperity. They’re policies that lead to broken families. Single‑parent homes are much more likely to be poverty‑stricken homes.”

“So, as a society, we really need to start thinking, ‘How do we encourage the development of strong families’ rather than ‘How do we destroy strong families?’ And that’s a message I’ve been putting out there,” he added.

You can listen to the full interview here:

As to any racism that Carson has witnessed or experienced on the campaign trail, he stated that it comes predominantly from one side of the ideological aisle, namely the left.

“Well, first of all, you know, I don’t find any particular problem being an African-American in the Republican Party,” Carson declared. “The people ‑‑ I know that in the progressive side of things, they like to say that the Republicans are racist. I know that. I haven’t experienced that.”

When asked specifically about the last time he personally experienced racism, Carson replied, “Well, you don’t have go too far. I think the way that I’m treated, you know, by the left is racism.”

“Because they assume because you’re black, you have to think a certain way,” he explained. “And if you don’t think that way, you’re ‘Uncle Tom,’ you’re worthy of every horrible epithet they can come up with; whereas, if I weren’t black, then I would just be a Republican.”

While Carons he stands little chance of succeeding at his goal of reaching the White House, his insight, experience and wisdom gained over the years have been a welcome addition to the campaign trial and have certainly earned him plenty of fans and supporters.

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