Ben Carson: If We Don’t Stand With Donald Trump… America Will Be Lost FOREVER

As Rick Wells reported:

Dr. Ben Carson is a man of principle who loves his country as much as Donald Trump does. That, more than anything, he says is why he’s sticking by Mr. Trump in the face of this tsunami of attacks that are being unleashed upon him by the establishment. It’s also got a lot with the Mr. Trump’s heart, something that Carson has seen but the American people at large aren’t privy to.

Dr. Carson is asked by Martha MacCallum, “You have stuck by him, tell everybody at home why.” He replies, “Well, a couple of reasons, first of all, you know, I know a lot of things that other people don’t know about what a big heart he has and how he treats people. I look at his family, those are real, these are not fake relationships.”

Carson continues, “But more importantly, he loves this country. You know he’s already got fame, he’s already got fortune, he’s got the stuff that a lot of people, you know that would run for office are looking for. He doesn’t need that; he certainly doesn’t need all of this aggravation. But he loves our country and he wants it to be successful.”

“Plus, I recognize that the alternative,” Carson points out, “is a continuation down the secular progressive pathway, and America won’t be what it was meant to be. And I think that’s terrible. I think we should give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to experience the good things about his country and not change it to something else.”

She asks him for an example of the Donald Trump that he sees that other people don’t. Carson describes a man who “does things for people he doesn’t even know when he knows that they’re in need.” He notes that it is something that Trump is a little shy about, but “incredible stories of people, ordinary Americans, he didn’t even know them, and he’s helped them out tremendously.”

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