Ben Carson notices something odd about protesters

The Paid Puppets of Liberal Fascism

The building crescendo of organized chaos surrounding Donald Trump’s rallies has very little to do with the man’s actual legacy, and everything to do with destroying his candidacy in the arena of public opinion. After all, if these so–called mouthpieces of public outrage didn’t troll Trump’s events to incite discord with their vile brand of ‘moral’ objectivism, there would be nothing to report in the news. Not only are known radical groups like Moveon. org, Code Pink, La Raza and Black Lives Matter orchestrating these hostile protests – blocking highways, screaming obscenities, assaulting Trump supporters, and damaging private property – they’re financed by skilled social puppeteers like George Soros who invest billions in the art of mass manipulation. In essence, by using these gross spectacles to insinuate waves of distressed Americans are flocking to the streets to defeat evil’s latest persona non grata, the leftist establishment is hoping operation chaos will serve as a future blueprint to dissuade, fatally damage, any future candidate or nonconformist policy that threatens their agenda and media stranglehold on public opinion.

As the progressive thought police collude daily to derail Trump’s campaign, to attempt to convince you he is the modern day reincarnation of Hitler, they’re omitting one minute detail: he openly praises and encourages “legal” immigration, is married to an immigrant, and merely seeks to halt the costly epidemic of illegal immigration; something countless other Presidential candidates have pledged to address for decades and all without their opponents inciting riots, silencing free speech or re-incarnating Nazi propaganda to deflect from reality. As a celebrity entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been in the public eye for over 30 years, Donald Trump has openly contributed to both parties, befriended people from all walks of life and somehow was never publicly labeled as a racist, a Nazi or a xenophobe before announcing his Presidential bid. How ironic. Not only are these assertions blatantly false, recklessly antagonistic, they belittle the memories and suffering of the countless victims who were actually murdered by a deranged, sadistic madman. Now who’s being obtuse and hopelessly paranoid?

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