Ben Carson Reveals Dark, DIRTY Secret Of The Establishment… GOP Elites Are FURIOUS

Throughout the 2016 Republican presidential primary, the Republican establishment has been accused of a multitude of things, some ridiculous, others terrifyingly true.

Former GOP contender Dr. Ben Carson recently came forward and accused the establishment of trying to choose which candidate would be the nominee, something that the American people aren’t too happy about.

“I think that they think they’re fair, but no, I don’t think so,” Carson stated, according to The Hill. “I think they try to pick and choose who the candidate should be. They focus attention and help to certain people. Other people, they try to ignore.”

The Republican National Committee has waffled back and forth on the issue of whether or not billionaire businessman Donald Trump would be “allowed” to be the party’s nominee. Some establishment figures have said they will support him, but others have indicated that at a contested convention they would abandon him and nominate someone they like.

“All of these pundits and big-time political players need to stop for a moment and say, ‘Do we really care about what the people want?’” Carson explained.

It is entirely possible, especially if Trump loses Wisconsin on Tuesday, that the GOP primary could go straight to convention with no candidate being able to secure the 1237 delegates needed to be the nominee.

That is where the RNC could make a move to deny Trump the nomination. Trump has stated that whoever has the most delegates, even if it isn’t him, should be the party’s nominee.

“Hopefully between now and then they will come to understand that if they try and undermine the will of the people, they will not only have destroyed their party, but they will fundamentally change the United States of America,” Carson said.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is hoping to benefit from a contested convention. Kasich has stated multiple times that, should it come to a contested convention, he would win because the establishment would pick him.

If the establishment does betray the will of the American people, then the Republican Party will be in huge trouble. The RNC doesn’t have to like Trump, or even Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, but if the American people pick one of those two, the RNC must respect that decision or risk irrelevance.

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