Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement Of Hillary Just Backfired In A MAJOR Way He Didn’t See Coming

Green Party candidate bashes Sanders’s endorsement of Clinton

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein on Tuesday took to Twitter to slam Bernie Sanders‘s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

“Many Berning hearts are breaking right now,” she tweeted.

Stein bashed Clinton and her policy positions and questioned her commitment to the proposals she has outlined, including on climate change and student debt.

“Hillary gives lip service to climate change, but she’s spread fracking around the world as [secretary of State]. Won’t stop 9ft sea level rise by 2050,” she tweeted.

“There is only one candidate that supports abolishing student debt for the young people that will lead the way forward. It’s not Hillary.”

Stein also scheduled a Facebook Live event titled “Whats next for our revolution?” at 8 p.m.

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