Beyoncé’s Anti-Police Rhetoric Isn’t Going Unnoticed… Cops Are Now Taking MASSIVE Stand

For much of President Barack Obama’s second term in the White House, police officers have had to endure awful rhetoric from liberals like Beyoncé who have claimed that cops are racist criminals who should be prosecuted because of the actions of a few individuals.

But some police officers are finally taking a stand against Beyoncé and her disgusting remarks by holding a protest outside the singer’s concert in Houston this weekend, according to KPRC.

The Coalition of Police and Sheriffs stated that 50 to 100 off-duty officers would be taking part in the protest in plainclothes.

However, the Houston Police Officers Union stated that it was unaware of any of its members (it represents about 5,000 officers) taking part in such a protest.

“I don’t know of anybody from the Houston Police Department who is participating in any protest, or refusing to work any jobs or anything else because of Beyoncé’s (Super Bowl) halftime performance or any of her songs,” the union’s president, Ray Hunt, told KPRC.

Of course, just because the police union doesn’t know about it doesn’t mean that officers aren’t participating in the protest. They could have simply chosen to not tell anyone about it for fear of action being taken against them.

Beyoncé has insisted that dressing up like a Black Panther and bashing the police at her Super Bowl halftime show in February wasn’t an indication she was anti-cop. She claims she is just against “police brutality.”

However, the Nation of Islam seems to be supporting her hate-filled rhetoric, because the group has announced a counter-protest outside her concert to protect what they have described as a “cultural icon.”

Beyoncé may be many things to many people, but she certainly isn’t any sort of icon that should be preserved for all time — not if she’s going to use her fame to bash police officers and stir up violence.

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