Big Money Democrat Donors Are Helping Trump In The Most Unexpected Way

Some of the biggest donors for the Democratic Party are reluctant to donate to Trump attack ads because they don’t want him to drop out of the race before he locks the nomination.

Politico reported: “They’re worried about giving money to attack Trump before the convention,” said longtime Clinton ally James Carville, who has been raising money for the campaign in New York. “A lot of New York people think he’ll just quit. People think they will run his ass out of there real quick.”

There’s no evidence that Trump is considering dropping his presidential bid, and it’s unlikely Republicans will dump him as the party nominee. But Clinton’s well-heeled supporters are nevertheless worried by the prospect of running against anyone other than him.

“That’s all anyone’s worried about,” said a Clinton donor who attended a fundraiser in Manhattan last week. “People wanted to know from her, ‘what do you think the odds are that Trump’s not the nominee.’” Clinton, the source said, responded that the chances of that outcome were very low.

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