Big Numbers for Trump in Wisconsin

Jean Moody-Putman said: Win or lose in Wisconsin, Trump will have my vote. Praying Wisconsin gets it right and votes Trump. It will take courage and wisdom because the pressure of the media and the establishment are yuuuuge. But so is my faith. God Bless America and voters see the truth. Trump for America.

Bonnie Fisher Ravenstar said: I am an independent woman. I support Trump. I am not ignorant, unlearned, uneducated nor stupid. I do not smoke, drink or take drugs. As such, while I am Pro-choice(to me this means it is up to the woman NOT the government to dictate what she does with her body) and I know Trump is Pro-Life (a bit overboard for me but hey his choice) when I weight the pros and cons I must conclude Trump is the best candidate for the job of POTUS. I do not feel threatened nor demeaned by Trump. I like the fact he says what is on his mind even if I don’t like all of it. He is a successful businessman, respects the USA Military and Veterans and has a good heart for helping those in need. THAT is why I a Woman will vote for Trump. Period.

Let’s keep it up Wisconsin!

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