‘Bikers for Trump’ Are Arriving In Cleveland; LOOK What They Do To Protesters!

Have no fear, America! The Steel Horse Cavalry is coming!

And with those words on their Twitter feed, Bikers 4 Trump rode into Cleveland to protect convention-goers from the thousands of leftist protesters.

They’re coming by the thousands from all over the country, descending on Cleveland to create a human wall between the demonstrators and the venue.

The group estimates that as many as 10,000 bikers may arrive at in Cleveland before too long, BizPacReview is reporting.

It was a relatively peaceful first day in Cleveland, but it will likely get more raucous and potentially more violent as the convention continues. There were no convention-related arrests on Monday. (One woman was arrested for outstanding warrants while protesting.)

As long as they remain peaceful and follow the orders of law enforcement, having these bikers in Cleveland could provide some much-needed assistance.

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