Bill Kristol Admits Paul Ryan is Working Secretly Against Donald T.

One of the most important figures in the GOP establishment has accidentally spilled the beans about Paul Ryan’s attempts to shut down Donald Trump.

Not many Republican insiders are able to match the unbridled hatred Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol for the party’s nominee. Initially dismissing Trump as an irrelevant blowhard, Kristol was shocked to see that conservatives rallied behind the real estate tycoon in a way that they never did for any of the candidates he gave his stamp of approval to. Seemingly bitter about this, Kristol has become one of the main voices of the “NeverTrump” movement, despite the fact that Trump’s defeat will hand the White House over to Hillary Clinton.

Apparently deciding to find middle ground between Trump supporters and NeverTrump Republicans like Kristol, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has formally endorsed the candidate, but has been quick to criticize almost every policy proposal he has offered since then. As Kristol inadvertently revealed, this is no accident.

Kristol’s comments that Paul Ryan “does not believe” Donald Trump is qualified to be president would go a long way in explaining why, despite his “support” for the GOP nominee, Ryan has attacked Trump’s proposals to fight radical Islam and even called him a racist for defending himself against politically-motivated legal action:

“’Trump is corrupting everyone who has supported him, or who is working for him, and even is accommodating or rationalizing,’ Kristol said in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday, one his own publication the Weekly Standard promoted online.

During the interview, Kristol incredibly claimed that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence—Donald Trump’s running mate, the vice presidential nominee—does not like Trump. But then Kristol laid out how Ryan, who has consistently and repeatedly aimed to undermine the Republican Party’s nominee for president at every turn, deep down does not want Trump to win.

‘At some point, doesn’t, sort of, self-respect sort of rear up and you just say to yourself ‘why am I saying things I don’t believe?’ Paul Ryan does not believe that Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States,’ Kristol said.

Ryan is fighting the political battle of his life here ahead of his primary next Tuesday. The Republican candidate in Wisconsin’s first congressional district, Paul Nehlen, is giving him the first serious challenge he’s ever faced in an election in nearly two decades in Congress other than Ryan’s failed bid for the vice presidency as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012.”

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