Bill O’Reilly UNLOADED On Obama, Said “Your Anti-Gun Garbage Is Getting People KILLED!”

In the wake of tragedy, we must always look to reason, not emotion to solve our problems, as knee-jerk reactions may cloud our judgment when wounds are still fresh.

That’s why Donald Trump reacted to the horrific shooting in Orlando with rationality and reason, while the left painted him as some uncaring bigot. Let me clue liberals in on something – your feelings don’t matter. The only thing that matters is the facts, and that’s exactly what one of my favorite presenters, Bill O’Reilly, has presented – the cold hard truth.

O’Reilly reacted to Obama’s speech after the shooting yesterday. While Obama did say that the incident was being investigated for terrorism, at no pint did Obama mention the name “Islam.” In fact, he spoke at length about how it was just too easy for that person to obtain deadly weapons was.

Let’s see – another shooting in a close-quarters gun-free zone. If you use Obama’s logic, the Paris terrorist attacks should never have happened because French people can’t legally carry weapons, yet here we are.

Hey, Obama, who was called when shots were fired? Yes, that’s right – good guys with guns, who solved the situation by shooting the piece of s**t through the skull and ending his reign of terror. Obama won’t tell you that, but his armed guards willing to bust a cap in anyone that gets too close is evidence of his “do as I say, not as I do” policy. He’s a disgrace and I agree with Trump that he should step down for not mentioning the actual problem that is radical Islam.

Here’s O’Reilly taking Obama to task for what he said (or didn’t say) during his speech following the Orlando shooting.

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