Bill Still Reported on Wisconsin Voter Fraud Yesterday

Jeremy Timko said: It’s all a puppet show. They act as though your vote matters. It doesn’t. They hold primarys and caucuses, but it’s all for show. They nominate whomever they want. They steal delegates. Voter fraud. Superdelegates. Conventions. If it’s not voter fraud, please explain how you go from a 10% lead to a 20% lead. Come on. It’s all rigged. All the way down to the media. You have the right to cast a vote, but it means nothing.

Junior Ross said: Huge Fraud they fix that so Cruz could get it cause they new Trump was ahead they new Cruz wouldt catch up they dont want either one to get it or sanders so people you might as well for get it cthey are going to make sure they dont get that 1237 so they can put who they want in our votes dont count but im still for Donald Trump 2016!

William Landis said: Yes stealing votes voter fraud is likely what led to a Cruz win! The establishment is spending millions of dollars to get who they want elected! I am voting for Donald Trump! Voter fraud is a crime but nothing will be done about it establishment will win again!

Some Wisconsin voters couldn’t put in their vote for Donald Trump.

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