Black Actress Puts MASSIVE Dent In Hillary’s Campaign… Trump Is All Smiles

Former secretary of state and likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would like nothing better than to be able to focus all of her campaign’s effort on confronting the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump ahead of a general election that is looking increasingly bad for her.

Unfortunately for her, she has yet to get rid of the challenger standing in the way of her coronation, that pesky socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his legion of disaffected and disillusioned young Democrat and independent supporters.

Liberal Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson is one of those Sanders supporters, and she has been quite outspoken in her opposition to Hillary. Dawson was recently challenged on social media by fellow Hollywood lib and Hillary supporter John Leguizamo to accept the fact that Hillary is an accomplished politician worthy of the presidency, a notion Dawson rejected by using Hillary’s own record against her.

According to The Daily Caller, Dawson tweeted, “Iraq/Libya/Syria/Honduras, death trains, voting for wall, disastrous trade deals, fracking, Panama Papers, Patriot Act.”

She wasn’t done there though, as she proceeded to call out Hillary for being a “practiced/rehearsed” politician who is “disingenuous” with the American people.

Furthermore, Dawson also rejected Leguizamo’s call to “rise above” and embrace party unity, proclaiming that she was more concerned about accountability and transparency than party unity, particularly before the convention and nomination are settled.

Trump has got to be loving this, as Hillary’s continued struggles against Sanders and his supporters keeps her from focusing all of her attacks on him.

It also severely hampers and weakens her efforts at pivoting to the moderate center for the general election, as Sanders and his supporters keep pulling her further to the left.

It remains to be seen just what will happen with Sanders’ supporters once the Democrat party’s process has run its course and Hillary is finally crowned as the nominee. Some will certainly shift their support over to Hillary, but many are so disgusted by her that they may simply stay home, or worse (from her perspective), throw their support behind Trump as a way to protest her as the corrupt, establishment politician she is.

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