Black Fox Guest SHREDS Al Sharpton To Pieces, Then Takes It 1 Step Further By Saying THIS

On “Varney & Co.” on Monday, Fox contributor and radio host David Webb – who happens to be black – shredded Sharpton’s bogus argument.

“There are issues to be discussed, but Al Sharpton is irrelevant,” Webb said. “His TV show failed, his radio show failed. He’s a failure, and he’s been a failure to the black community. He’s been a failure to the American community.”

(Failures to the black community — and the American community — must like company. President Barack Obama is one of Sharpton’s biggest fans. Over the seven years of the Obama presidency, Sharpton has been a guest at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. more than 100 times — and that’s only what’s officially recorded.)

In a “Fox & Friends” appearance earlier Monday, Webb laid out the difference between the NRA and Sharpton.

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