Black Lives Matter Demands the Disarming, Defunding, Demilitarizing, and Disbanding of the Police

Black Lives Matter has already proven itself as a movement that doesn’t know what to do with itself. While the organization was formed in order to stop police brutality, it could never manage to make good decisions when called to action.

They defended multiple false reports, attacked police officers that were deemed innocent in a court of law, and eventually gave up and resigned themselves to being a simple chaos organization — one that makes a lot of noise but doesn’t have an actual plan.

This week in Minneapolis, they were handed perhaps their best evidence yet of police brutality. While the investigation is still underway, the initial reaction — across the board — seemed to indicate that the shooting could have, and should have been avoided.

So what did Black Lives Matter do? They held a rally that killed five police officers in Dallas.

One would think such an event would be a wake-up call for the organization. It wasn’t, instead, they’re still making ridiculous demands of law enforcement — and this one may be their most ridiculous yet.

Black Lives Matter has finally managed to advocate for policy, rather than chaos, in their latest protest in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, it’s as ridiculous as one would expect.

BlackLivesMatter protesters obstructed the main interstate for work-commuters into Minneapolis, halting all traffic…

But now, they’re making serious demands.

Black Lives Matter protesters are demanding the “disarming, defunding, demilitarizing, and disbanding” the Minneapolis Police Department.

Beyond the obvious ridiculous nature of the demands, it shows just how disconnected these protestors are from reality. One of the primary goals of police forces across the nation is to protect those living in dangerous, majority-minority cities. It seems unlikely that these protestors considered what many of their towns would look like without the protection of the cops — or maybe that’s just the sort of lawlessness they seek.


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