‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporters, Islamists Celebrate Murder of Baton Rouge Cops

“Armed thugs meet political consequences”

‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters and Islamists are already celebrating the murder of at least three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Twitter user ‘Marland X’ – whose profile suggests he is a member or supporter of the New Black Panther Party – tweeted his glee at the deaths within an hour of the news breaking.

“Armed thugs meet political consequences” in #BatonRouge,” he tweeted along with the hashtags “#BlackLivesMatter,” “#PigsInABlanket” and “#BLM.”

The tweet was subsequently deleted, but the Internet never forgets. In his profile description, ‘Marland’ expresses affinity with the New Black Panthers, which just announced that it has formed a chapter in Baton Rouge.


Marland X’s Twitter page and YouTube channel is full of pro-Black Lives Matter content as well as the glorification of violence against police officers.


Meanwhile, an Islamist also celebrated the murders, tweeting, “Today 3 pigs and the next time it will be a dozen InShahAlla.”

Last week, we highlighted a video which showed a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally leader in Portland encouraging people to shoot police.

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