‘Black Lives’ Thugs Beat 2 Teen Girls For THIS Sick Reason, Total Media Blackout!

What happens when you are a white person and you walk among a Black Lives Matter protest? You get beaten.

According to a report by CBS Sacramento, two young White girls were leaving a local Red Robin restaurant in Stockton, CA when they were given a vicious beat down by Black Lives Matter thugs… because they were White. 

Their only sin was that they were not part of the “vigil” being held for Colby Friday, a man who was shot by police last month after he refused police commands to drop his weapon.

The local news source said they contacted BLM and they said they had no local chapter and had nothing to do with it, because you know, they always tell the truth!

Said the local district attorney, Ron Freitas, “Our understanding is that it involved several out-of-towners whose intent was more than protesting.”

And while no charges have yet to be filed or an arrest made, he also stated, “We are disappointed but we are moving forward to get down to the bottom of this.”

My guess is you never heard about this on YOUR local news unless you lived in the area.

As a matter of fact, that report was only posted yesterday, but the attacks happened on Friday!

This is all part of the problem with Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media.

Everyone wants racism to end and touts BLM as a group trying to bring police brutality into the limelight, yet they themselves partake in brutal violence against innocent white people all the time!

Just as the young white kid begged for mercy was innocent, so were these two young ladies.

However, Colby Friday was not innocent. He was a gangbanger that had a gun.

In virtually every one of these “incidents,” we find out the “murdered” suspect was in fact a criminal who had a gun and refused to drop it.

After the investigation takes place, in most cases, the officers are found to have acted properly, but that only brings more cries of injustice from BLM.

You see, the truth is not popular, it never is.

But, taking up a bogus cause and starting riots on behalf of criminal scum is a popular thing to do. More so, pundits of all types, political, sports, etc… all seem to support this rather than deal with the brutal fact if these individuals were not committing crimes in the first place or had just listened to the commands of the officers, none of this would be happening.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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