Black Man Has ENOUGH of Obama’s GARBAGE, Orders Him to Do THIS in Viral Rant

Once more, racial intolerance and turmoil have surfaced, but myriads of people from African-American origin, that are part of the black community in the U.S. begin to sense that their fierce hostility is directed at the wrong place. Nevertheless, an African-American leader addresses this issue of the black American community and talks about where their efforts should be directed.

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Larry Elder, who is well-known within Los Angeles, said the following: Mr. @POTUS, blacks, particularly young black men, at just 3% of the population, commit nearly 50% of the nation’s homicides. Do something!” (Elder is actually wrong with his number as the Black population in the country is closer to 13 percent)

Black-on-black crime is the real problem here, yet you don’t see individuals such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson marching to the 69 shootings in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend.

And Larry Elder’s extremely valid point is backed up by statistics. As noted in Breitbart, the DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008 the black population committed 52 percent of all of the homicides in this country.

The statistics continue to show just how grossly disproportionate the amount of crime is from African-Americans. In 2012, white males made up 38 percent of the population and murdered 4,582 people. At the same time, Blacks made up just under seven percent of the population, yet had committed a jaw-dropping 5,531 murders.

Elder’s comments are further backed up by other facts as well.

Consider that from 2009 to 2012 that an average of just under 4,500 Black men were killed by other Black men, yet during that time frame there was only an average of 112 African-Americans killed from justified or unjustified police killings annually.

These stats are telling us something we already know, and this is that yet again the Black Lives Matter movement has yolk on their face.

The attempt to denounce and criticize the infrequent killings committed by police officers and yet remain indifferent to the massive amounts violence and crime that happens between black people is highly hypocritical.

Tell us your opinion regarding the statistics connected to the countless homicides, shootings, rapes that are part of the everyday life of African-American people.

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