#BlackLivesMatter U.K. Declare ‘Climate Change Racist,’ Call For ‘Open Borders,’ Terrorize British Airports

The cultural cancer that is ‘Black Lives Matter’ has spread to the United Kingdom.

Today, the BLM faction across the pond released a propaganda video proclaiming, “Climate crisis is a racist crisis,” and also called for ‘open borders,’ which they used as justifications to swarm the tarmac at London City Airport, and block entrances to Heathrow and Birmingham airports, as well as busy roadways in London. Their selfish actions also cause the delay of an ambulance attempting to transport a patient to hospital – a consequence that has played out many times in the midst of similar anarchical rampages in the United States.

It is as yet unknown how these terrorists were able to access the runway, but should serve as a stark warning of the true vulnerability of many airports, despite the security theater that takes place at check-in.

Reports are that all nine Black Lives Matter operatives arrested in the tarmac stunt were, in fact, white – indicative of the common bond shared by Marxists of all races on the payroll of George Soros and the Ford Foundation, and operating solely to create chaos and advance the Hegelian Dialectic.

BLM foot soldiers also blocked off entrances to Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest in the world, as well as Birmingham Airport, during peak travel season. Flights around the world were delayed, business travelers missed important meetings, and families hoping to enjoy well-earned holidays were impacted.

The Sun reports –

Traffic was also brought to a grinding halt when protesters blocked an arterial road leading to Birmingham Airport.

Then in Nottingham, people lay on the tram tracks causing further chaos.

Trams were unable to run between the city’s Royal Centre and Market Square areas.

And cops could be seen placing goggles on the protesters as cutting gear arrived to remove the tubes and chains they had used to tie themselves to each other.

Near Heathrow, too, officers from the Met used angle grinders to hack away the concrete the demonstrators had fused their hands together with.

Daily Mail reports that disruptors parroted the thoroughly debunked lie-chant, ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ – at unarmed officers, while also blocking an active ambulance.

Black Lives Matter protesters intent on causing chaos in London blocked in a Waitrose lorry as they chanted ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ at police officers – who were not carrying guns.

“‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Ranked One of the Biggest ‘Pinocchios’ of 2015”

The BBC was complicit in fueling and promoting the rise of Black Lives Matter in the U.K. by featuring left-wing activist Capres Willow and her recent BLM rally that supposedly drew 3,000 attendees.

H/T: Citizenanalyst

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