BLACKS BLAST OBAMA: “I Voted For Your Black Ass…Is That Your Legacy…Obamaphones…Transgendered Toilets?”(VIDEO)

President Obama prides himself on his legacy for African Americans. He often touts his south side of Chicago childhoods as some type of rags to riches story. Despite the fact that he really grew up all over the world including in the Phillipines. You’ll often hear him discussing how his presidency has helped to quell racial tensions. Despite the fact that they are at an all time high as seen in Baltimore, Milwaukee, Charlotte, New Orleans and more.

Democrat’s in general have had a very loyal demographic voting base in African Americans, women and Hispanics. Groups of people the party routinely targets during the election. But just because most vote blue doesn’t mean they all do. Now some minority citizens are expressing their outrage with President Obama and his legacy and spreading it all over Twitter.

Here are a few outraged Twitter members,

Donald Trump even posted a comment on Twitter in which he attached a video of President Obama speaking at an event saying that not voting for Hillary Clinton as an African American would be an insult to his legacy. As Donald Trump so eloquently put it, always worried about himself and never about anyone else.

Watch the the speech here,

Other users called on the increase in racial rioting as a signal of his failed legacy and policy. Some called on his veto of the 9/11 bill that Congress passed allowing families of the victims of September 11th to sue Saudi Arabia. A few others mentioned the tremendous rise in mass shootings and terrorist attacks as well as his paying ransom to Iran for American Navy hostages.

Just take a look on Twitter and everyone can see his legacy is not as squeaky clean as he would like everyone to believe. Especially in the gun control and healthcare department. But then again all that matters is his ego so his real legacy matters not to him.

H/T: Freedom Daily

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