Blacks Upset Over Pic Of White Officer Holding A Black Two-Month Old Baby While Her Parents Are Overdosing

This is ridiculous. In Birmingham, Alabama, police arrived on the scene of a tragedy. The parents had both overdosed on drugs. The father was lying dead on the kitchen floor and the mother was unconscious on the couch. They had her taken to the hospital where she is in critical condition.

While all this was going on, Michelle Burton, one of the officers at the scene, took it on herself to stay with the children. She took off her police gear and held the little baby and let her sleep. There were three other children and she took care of all of them until 4 am that morning. Her husband who is also an officer took a pic of her holding the baby. He posted it to social media saying how proud he was of his wife and how much he loved her. It went uber viral.


Now, the department is facing a backlash from other family members who claim that this female officer exploited the children. Their behavior and lack of gratitude is staggering.

From WVTM:

The Birmingham Police Department is facing backlash over a picture that went viral on social media.

The picture shows Birmingham police officer Michelle Burton holding a baby whose parents had just overdosed. The father died and the mother is still in the hospital. Officer Burton ended up staying with the baby and her three siblings for more than six hours following the incident.

Burton’s husband posted the picture on social media last week praising his wife.

However, family members of the baby shown in the picture were not happy.

Mary Purnell Adalane, the aunt of the baby in the picture, spoke out at the Birmingham City Council meeting Tuesday. She said she and other family members felt like the baby, who’s just shy of two months old, was “exploited.”

These children should be removed from that family. Anyone full of that much hate doesn’t deserve those children. The baby and her siblings are currently in the custody of DHR where I hope they stay for now.

At a city council meeting, the children’s aunt had this to say: “This child has a right and it’s been violated. This police officer exploited this child,” Adalane said. “No one gave them permission to take that picture.” Oh, just shut it already. No one violated anyone’s rights. That officer showed love, affection and caring for those children just like any mother worth her salt would. This woman is upset because the officer is white. That’s right, I said it. It’s sheer racism and cop-hatred.

The police department basically told the family members to get stuffed… they referred them to the legal department. That was the perfect response.

H/t: Freedom Daily

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