BOMBSHELL: Benghazi Investigation RIGGED, The Details Are Horrifying

Hillary’s team fixed the primary so she could win… and now it looks like her team may have also fixed the questioning during the Benghazi hearings.

Recently released emails show contact between Hillary’s camp and Democrat Senator Robert Menendez about specific questions to ask Hillary during the Benghazi hearings. He didn’t even try to hide it, and as you are about to see, he asked the questions Hillary wanted right out of the gate…

Senator Menendez teed it up for Hillary, there is little doubt about that now.

The damning emails, which you can see here, were revealed by a group called Citizens United via the Freedom of Information Act.

On the emails, the group stated, “This email chain provides a rare behind the scenes look at which Benghazi-related issues the Clinton camp had concerns about going into Secretary Clinton’s January 2013 testimony on Capitol Hill, and what they had apparently plotted out beforehand with a Democrat committee member to deal with those concerns.”

They continued, “Citizens United will continue to release all new Benghazi emails we receive through our FOIA lawsuits as they come in — the American people have a right to know the full picture.”

Both the Menendez office and Hillary’s campaign were contacted by Fox News for comments on the emails, but as of this writing neither has responded.

This is but a small peek into the corruption of the Democrat party as well as Hillary Clinton.

In no way, shape, or form should Hillary Clinton or anyone inside her camp have been in contact with members that would be questioning her during the proceedings.

This leak also proves the points about which Hillary was most concerned and wanted to answer these questions from a friend, rather than have someone from the GOP ask her in an attacking fashion.

Where there is smoke there is fire my friends. If she got to one Democrat committee member, she surely got to more of them.

This hearing was obviously manipulated to her benefit, and We the People must insist on justice, real justice!

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