Bombshell: Clintons and Bushes funding #neverTrump to elect Hillary

According to uncovered documents and sleuthing, the internet has been rocked by allegations that the tightly connected Bush and Clinton families and their allies are funding the #neverTrump jihad to elect Hillary Clinton as President to keep up the “status quo.”

But many Republicans are choosing to stay on the sidelines or are specifically saying they won’t support Trump all together.

Perhaps the most prominent GOP family, the Bushes, have announced their plans for 2016.

This is huge! Will the Presidents Bush staying out of the race help or hurt Trump? Are they staying out of the race out of loyalty to JEB? Or perhaps neither Bush care for the bombastic Trump?

Only time will tell.

Concerns about “dynasty,” or members of the same families running for president of the United States, tend to get much more hype than they’re worth this cycle. If either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush had no talent or smarts they wouldn’t have made it this far up the political ladder. They would just be investment bankers or something, like all the other well-connected idiots. Hillary Clinton would be a fine manager of government, and … look. If one of the GOPers has to win, Jeb Bush is clearly the most palatable one. (Maybe.) Who cares that their husbands and brothers and fathers were also president if (if!) they’re the best candidates out there?

But then you see Bill Clinton and George W. Bush do a smarmy joint interview like this in Time magazine and all the rage about “dynasties” suddenly makes sense.

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