BOMBSHELL – Donald Trump Makes Criminal Announcement, People Are Going Nuts

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has recently blown the news world away by making a statement, coming from his own connections, about Hillary’s possible accusations. Trump claims that Hillary will once again avoid being charged due to the lawlessness and corruption under Obama.

VIA Angry Patriot

Here’s the Tweet he posted with the relevant information:

This is all more proof that Hillary Clinton is a professional political thug and should be prosecuted and arrested and jailed for all of her crimes. It doesn’t matter that she’s rich and powerful; the law should be applied to everyone, period.

The establishment types of both the left and the right are constantly whining about how they don’t understand why Donald J. Trump is so popular. This should explain exactly why he is.
Trump stands for an outsider looking to flip over the whole corrupt apple cart that the Clinton’s have exploited their entire lives.

Trump stands for every angry regular Joe who is sick of being kicked around for literally no reason.

Trump stands stands for the old America – a world where politicians weren’t given special treatment and “get out of jail free cards.”

Trump stands for a different vision of the world – a world where truth wins, justice reigns, and the people are protected from those who wish to control and exploit them.

This is the reason Donald Trump is rising in the polls. It is also the reason Trump is strongly supported. It is the reason that will make him the next United States President.

Donald Trump is all about America and the people, and in return, it will be the people who will choose him as their next commander-in-chief.

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