BOMBSHELL: FBI Director Just Turned On Obama In A HUGE WAY!

FBI Director, James Comey, just said something that surely made Obama furious. He told that Obama’s program for early release of drug traffickers is very, very wrong. I am pretty sure that Obama is speechless after this.

VIA The Political Insider

The speech transcript is posted on the FBI’s website. He gives stories from his time shutting down drug operations in Virginia, and how the differences in policing are more about how dangerous a neighborhood is… instead of “police racism.”

Here in Chicago, just last month, more than 50 people were shot in just one weekend. The next weekend, the numbers rose even higher. An 11-month-old boy was shot in the hip. His mother and grandmother were shot and killed right next to him.

In cities across the country, we are seeing an explosion of senseless violence.

He described the REAL victims of these horrible crimes:

There was no way to drive around the violence that came with the drug trade and the drug trade was everywhere in your neighborhood. And that meant the violence was everywhere.

The notion of a “non-violent” drug gang member would have elicited a tired laugh from a resident of Richmond’s worst neighborhoods.

Because the entire trade was a plague of violence that strangled Richmond’s black neighborhoods. The lookouts, runners, mill-workers, enforcers, and dealers were all cut from the same suffocating cloth. Whether they pulled the trigger or not, those folks were killing the community.

Then he took a direct shot at Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. This is epic:

As we did that work, I remember being asked why we were doing so much prosecuting in black neighborhoods and locking up so many black men. After all, Richmond was surrounded by areas with largely white populations. Surely there were drug dealers in the suburbs.

My answer was simple: We are there in those neighborhoods because that’s where people are dying. These are the guys we lock up because they are the predators choking off the life of a community.

We did this work because we believed that all lives matter, especially the most vulnerable.

Finally, James Comey gathered courage and spoke the truth. All he needs to do now is support Trump for President and he might redeem himself.

H/T: The Political Insider

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