BOMBSHELL – Hillary Email ‘Smoking Gun’ Released, Media Trying to CENSOR It

All along, Hillary Clinton has tried to claim no wrongdoing in the delaying of the release of her emails, but the excuses and are quickly turning into lies.

Yet another email release proves Hillary purposely withheld the emails and her staff even came up with excuses to make it look as though she would be facing legal issues if she DID turn them over! Not only that, but they wanted to try to use this delay as a tool to further her campaign…

This was knowingly avoiding turning them over even though a subpoena has been issued to tell them to do exactly that.

Backroom politics patriots, that is what we have going on here.

By now, you have heard every excuse possible 20 different ways about Hillary and why she withheld and later delated the emails.

If our justice system had an ounce of integrity, it would immediately verify these emails that Wikileaks is releasing and re-open the case against Hillary Clinton.

The fact that is not even being entertained right now just goes to show how ridiculously inept and corrupt the system really is when it comes to high-ranking political figures.

Comey, during his congressional hearing, said that his people read over all of these emails and came to the conclusion Hillary Clinton did nothing to show intent.

However, over the last two days, Wikileaks has literally produced hundreds, if not thousands, of emails proving Hillary Clinton and her staff DID know exactly what they were doing not only regarding withholding and eventually deleting emails, but on literally deceiving the American people.

I am not really sure who I am more disgusted with right now… Hillary or Comey! I just don’t see how Comey can defend being so negligent in this duties or that of the staff members that looked into this! Where they all stuck in a room for a few days to make it look good with the outcome having been decided on the tarmac by Bill and Loretta?

This, what is happening right now, is exactly why millions of Americans have become disenfranchised and are sick and tired of our political system. There is not a shred of honesty to be found right now.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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