BOMBSHELL – Hillary’s Bad Week Takes A BAD Turn After FBI Reveals THIS About Her Maid

We are now 48 hours from election day, but this last week must seem like an eternity to Hillary, especially with the headline the New York Post ran today.

According to the early morning report, Clinton actually directed her maid, who holds no security clearances, to print out highly sensitive documents for her while she was the secretary of state.

The maid in question, Maria Santos, could be the key to taking down the former secretary of state.

The question is, will the FBI bring her in for questioning and allow her to put the final nail in the coffin of Hillary?

Further damning information is in the Abedin interviews with the FBI, where Huma noted having the maid print out these sensitive documents was the norm rather than the exception.

While it does not look like top secret or classified documents were printed, there were confidential documents on the list, which is just one tier down in security rankings from secret.

For some reason, the FBI never actually asked to check the computer Santos used to receive these emails, which makes no sense at all.

That just solidifies my opinion that the FBI never seriously investigated these charges. Had they done so, that computer would have been part of the investigation the moment the agency received the information.

The role of Santos for Hillary has never actually been hidden by the Clintons. Bill Clinton, during one speech, stated that Santos is the “wonderful woman who runs our home in Washington, without whom Hillary would be able to serve as Secretary of State.”

Nice to the know the key person on her staff was a maid! This just proves Clinton has no clue and zero respect for the security of this country. She was literally entrusting state secrets to the cleaning lady!

The New York Post stated that it had reached out to the Clintons for a comment on the new information, but all they heard back to this point was crickets. Not really surprising!

I would expect Hillary to hold up in a room somewhere except to make her scheduled stump appearances. If she holds any press conferences or actually answers any serious questions I would be highly surprised.

She needs a Christmas miracle on Tuesday or she is absolutely doomed.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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